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Private Investigator (Level 3)


The image of private investigators is sometimes of shady characters working the ‘mean streets’. The reality however is that private investigation is a legitimate career involving painstaking research, specialised skills and an understanding of the legal system. You may become involved in a range of work from insurance fraud to burglary investigations. In this course we cover all the angles and make sure you’re prepared for any challenge.

Course Lesson and resource list

This course consists of:

• Three module books

• Copy of Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010

• Documents used in Industry booklet


This is a NZQA approved course.


1. History, role of the Private Investigator, The need for a Private Investigator's services, Moral and Legal responsibilities.
2. Introduction to the Law - Common Law - history, definition, principles. Civil and criminal law. Acts of parliament. 
3. The Private Security Personnel and Private Investigator's Act 2010 - Other relevant legislation.
4. Notebooks and Running Sheets.
5. Interviews and Interrogation.
6. Evidence and Statements.
7. Report Writing.
8. Preparing Evidence for use in Court.
9. Giving Evidence in Court.
10. Select Method of Gathering Information.
11. Gathering Information by Factual Investigation.
12. Missing Persons Investigations.
13. Investigative Photography.
14. Selecting, Equipping and Operating a Surveillance Vehicle - Gathering information by surveillance.
15. Selecting, obtaining and storing specialist information gathering equipment - Repairing and maintaining equipment.
16. Physical Evidence
17. Chemical Thief Traps and Tracer Techniques
18. Sources, storage and protection of information - The work of the Investigator.
19. Sample Surveillance Assignment and Report.


Course Code: PRIV
Prerequisites: Open entry
Assessments: 19 lessons / 19 assignments
Duration: This course must be completed within 12 months.
Level: Level 3
Stotts is registered as a private training establishment by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 and its subsequent amendments. This course has NZQA local approval, which indicates it has been quality assessed by NZQA and industry. This course has no National Qualifications Framework accreditation and no credits will be reported to NZQA upon completion.

Student Stories

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"I felt this course covered all aspects of Interior Decorating extremely well." V.R. Hawera

"This course really helped me to get back into the workforce after being an at home Mum for 7 years. Thank you so much." A.G. Feilding

"The course of Interior Decorating was great, as it gave me confidence, also a chance to get back into the workforce, and now I have moved on into my own business. Thanks Stott’s for giving me a new lease on life." H.M. Hastings

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and found the Tutor(s) to be very helpful. I took the course for personal interest, and have used my knowledge to refurbish my home and arrange the interior decorating for our purpose-built business premises." T.M. Christchurch

"I am your biggest fan - this was a wonderful learning experience for me. I loved everything about the course and I am constantly recommending it to others." L.G. Paeroa

"I have learnt a heck of a lot and this adds another trade or job to my belt, more than pleased with my results and the personal growth in myself." K.B. Wanganui