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Everyday Counselling (Level 3)


Everyday Counselling is an entry level counselling skills course aimed at developing your interpersonal skills, assisting you to counsel people in the workplace or at a voluntary organisation. You’ll learn to assess situations, how to develop a plan and monitor progress with a systematic approach.


On completion students may choose to undertake further study to become a qualified counsellor. You may also be interested in our Everyday Psychology, and People Management Skills courses.


This is a NZQA approved course.


•  Types of Counselling
•  Five Levels of Communication
•  Advice-giving
•  Diagnosing
•  A Developmental Framework
•  Developing a Plan
•  Putting the Plan into Action



1. What is Counselling?
2. Basic Assumptions in Counselling
3. Telling the Story
4. Relationship with Client and with Self
5. Telling the Story
6. Active Listening
7. Understanding the Client - Empathy
8. Avoiding the Roadblocks
9. Avoiding the Roadblock Response
10. Assessing the Client: A Developmental Framework
11. Assessing the Client: A Systems Framework
12. Assessing the Client: A Behaviour Framework
13. Focusing
14. Challenging
15. The Skills of Challenging Part 1
16. The Skills of Challenging Part 2
17. Developing Preferred Scenarios
18. Brainstorming Strategies
19. Choosing the ""Best"" Option
20. Moving into Action



Course Code: COUN
Prerequisites: Recommended to hold a NCEA Level 1/ School Certificate or equivalent
Assessments: 20 lessons / 20 assignments
Duration: This course must be completed within 12 months.
Level: Level 3

Stotts is registered as a private training establishment by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 and its subsequent amendments. This course has NZQA local approval, which indicates it has been quality assessed by NZQA and industry. This course has no National Qualifications Framework accreditation and no credits will be reported to NZQA upon completion.

Student Stories

DIY Natural Beauty Care

"I have made quite a few changes from doing this course. I have changed personal products like soap toothpaste etc and look for ways I can protect my skin from sun and chemicals. I look at my diet and eat more vegetables and fruits." M.L. Dunedin

"I have used these skills at home and will pass them on to others. As I was put off school big time years ago, this has given me the opportunity to continue to learn my own way. This is the third course I have taken with Stotts." M.E. Oxford